Tel Iskawr

A massive city on the coast of the Cruadal Archipelago, Tel Iskawr is a massive commerce hub. The Local population is as varied as one can be, with a slight tendency toward Elves.

Most locals dress in light clothing that covers most of their bodies to protect them from the glaring sun. This dress comes mostly in shades of tan and brown with small adornments of bright colors purely for fashion’s sense. Nobles (high class merchants) of the city, however, are the only ones allowed to wear purple.

Tel Iskawr operates under an oligarchy where a council of the 20 highest income earners in the city draft and vote on laws and policies. At the end of every *summer solstice* incomes must be proven and the council is reappointed.

Croft Fort was a stronghold built to defend the city from an ancient enemy that hasn’t been seen for hundreds of years, the Sahuagin. The fort was costly and not needed and has been in disrepair for the better part of a century.

Tel Iskawr

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